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Main Features


 MPEG4 solution accord with ISO MPEG4 Simple/Advanced Simple standard

 Support DivX(DivX3.11/4.02/5.03), resolution up to 720x576

 Compatible with MPEG2 with DVD, DVD-R, SVCD, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, Kodak picture

 24bit/192KHZ audio DAC(D/A convert)

 Horizontal resolution more than 500 lines

 Multiple playing modes, multiple angle display, 4x digital zooming function

 Multiple frame ration(4:3 letter box, 4:3 pan-scan 16:9 screen)

 Multiple dubbing, multiple subtitles

 Parental lock function to prevent children from watching unsuitable Discs

 Wide range voltage supply(AC 90V-240V), automatic protection for short discs

 Composite video output(CVBS), S-video output and Component video output            (Y, U V/R, G, B) or progressive Scanning output(Y, Pb, Pr)

 Optical fiber output, coaxial output

 VGA output optional


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